A new record is set at Manitoba fair

A man from Minnesota, USA, came to the Manitoba fair and set a new record.

Pumpkin Fair took place at the Roland, MB on Saturday, October 6.

Charlie Bernstrom, an American pumpkin farmer, struck everyone with the size and weight of his pumpkin. It was 1,753.5 lbs. Can you imagine such a pumpkin? Moreover, this year the man broke his own record, which he set in 2017. Last year Charlie brought a pumpkin weighing about 200 lbs less.

Mr. Bernstrom admitted that it is not so easy to grow such a pumpkin, and he has to spend several hours working in the garden every day. The man said that he gets up very early every morning and goes into the garden. He works in the mornings because his wife is against his spending the evening time doing his unusual occupation.

This year Bernstrom grew 3 pumpkins and used over 30 gallons of water for this. His pumpkins are really astounding. However, what will a man do with them after the Manitoba fair? Every year he publicly destroys them. Charlie informed that he decided to get rid of pumpkins in a rather unusual way this time.

He will bring pumpkins to the football field in Lancaster, and then dump one of them on two cars that will stand on each other. This action will happen on October 20.

We want to remind that last year a man got rid of his huge pumpkins dropping one of them on an old van, and another in a swimming pool with water.

Roland is famous for its pumpkin fair and holds it every year, and if somebody is lucky he can set a new record the next year.

And now a few words about the other winners: second place went to Connie Banman from Schanzenfeld, and Milan Lukes from Winnipeg got the third place.

Who will become the next winner? Let’s see in a year!

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Charlie Bernstrom pumpkin fair new record
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