Manitoba tire loan program continues to work

Manitoba tire loan program continues to work

Loan program for tires was created for increasing the number of Manitobans who buy and use special winter tires during cold seasons.

This type of tires is necessary in order to minimize the number of car crashes on the roads during the autumn-winter period. However, as it became known, Manitoba became the province where the least amount of car owners uses tires suitable for winter several years ago.

The implementation of the program is already bringing good results. Retail tires stores of the province actively participate in this initiative. The statistics showed that more than 1,000,000 tires were purchased under the terms of the loan program. Loans are granted for up to 4 years. The program also includes raising driver awareness about the negative effects of driving without special tires in the winter season.

All tires made for using in low-temperature conditions have a special tire tread pattern. Reducing braking distances on slick roads and increasing the safety of all road users is possible due to their special surface.

Very often, due to snow and ice on the roads, people cannot stop in time and collisions occur. If every citizen prepares his car for the winter properly, it will significantly improve the overall situation on the roads.

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