Little girl escapes kidnapping

Little girl escapes kidnapping

A person missing gets reported almost every other day in Canada, thankfully a lot of those cases dismissed in a few days when missing people come back home by themselves. But there are still hundreds of cases, which take time to locate the person, some take years, some cases are never closed, unfortunately, a lot of them are missing children and some of them are never found.

On September 12th approximately 8 p.m., a 9-year-old girl was coming back home from a playground in the Natamik when a man in a black truck offered her a chocolate and then grabbed her hand and tried to pull her inside the vehicle. The girl was lucky enough to free herself and run away to her family house for help.

Since then, police have put together a composite sketch. The girl said the man was in his 50s, had wrinkled skin, a large nose, dark black eyes, and shoulder-length black hair. He was wearing a black sweater, jeans, and shoes that were orange on the bottom. His skin was splotchy on his hands and fingers. By girl’s description, his vehicle is a pickup truck of an older model, color black. 

RCMP is looking for a male suspect matching the scotch and description in a black pickup truck. If you or somebody you know have any information about the man in a sketch, please contact the local police department or leave a tip online at the Crime Stoppers website.

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