Winnipeg resident accused of 28 break-ins in 17 days

The crime level is on the rise for the last couple of years in a row throughout Canada and in Winnipeg in particular. As per police, most crimes are connected to drugs like meth and crack cocaine. Recently in the city happened a lot of break-ins and thefts from the houses and cars, some incidents are connected and believed to be committed by the same person or a group of people, which is a whole different level called organized crime.

Police accuse a man from Winnipeg in a colossal 28-marathon of break-ins and thefts at various stores, a medical clinic, a gas station and a restaurant in the city, that happened in just 17 days.

Break-ins, all in the areas of William Whyte and Dufferin, took place from November 24th to Sunday, December 9th, when the suspect was arrested.

The police stated that the suspect had entered the premises, and then abducted food, goods and/or cash, and then left the scene.

At about 5 am on Sunday morning, the police responded to the burglary at Dufferin Avenue’s shop and caught a man pushing a shopping cart full of goods near Flora Avenue and Aikins Street, the cart was taken from the store.

The man resisted arrest and gave the police a fake name before he was arrested. Later the suspect was identified as a 46-year-old Robert Sean Nahl, now he faces charges in 28 cases of break-in and entering, multiple thefts, as well as in resisting the guards.