A man thanks God that he and his family survived the accident

A man thanks God that he and his family survived the accident

On October 4, a man with his son and son-in-law decided to spend the day outside the city.

They drove in Mazda3 instead of Ford Edge, and that decision probably saved their lives. The day was very good, they were driving along Provincial Road 201, east of Letellier, and nothing foreshadowed trouble. However, at one moment his son cried out sharply and the man saw a big moose in front of the car.

There was a big blow. That blow blew the roof off and the windshield shattered into many pieces. Only 300 feet after the impact, the car stopped on the shoulder. The man immediately began shouting and asking the rest of the passengers whether everything was fine. His son-in-law replied that he was fine, but his son simply sat with his eyes closed and was silent.

Only after the man addressed his son several times he said a word. Falk asked his son-in-law Adrian to call 911. He felt severe pain and he saw a lot of blood but the man did not even suspect the extent of damage of his son. The ambulance arrived about 10 minutes later and the three men were taken to the hospital.

The man admitted that there was a great miracle that they survived because the accident was so serious that the outcome could be much worse. Also, according to the man, if they chose Ford to travel, they could have perished.

After he left the hospital, Falk came to look at his car and to take everything necessary from there. At that moment, the man once again thought that they should not have survived, and only God saved them.

The moose did not die from the blow, but if people of their nearest community had not appeared immediately after the accident, it could have suffered for a long time. People from nearby Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation saved it from suffering- they killed the animal. Falk visited this community during Thanksgiving and even tried the meat of the moose.

Ryan, Falk’s son, suffered the most in the accident. He will recover in about 6 weeks. The guy is going to fully return to his normal life. He said that his last memory was a moose walking along the road, and he was sure that everything would end well and that an accident would not happen.

The man's son-in-law is rapidly recovering and soon there will be no trace of the accident. However, Falk will have his scars on the face and shoulder for the rest of his life.

These scars will remind him about what happened and he will not cease to say words of gratitude to the fate that everyone has survived all his life. The accident allowed the man to realize how much he appreciates his life and how much he loves his family. 

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Provincial Road 201 accident Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation
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