Air 1 was used to find 4 stolen cars

Air 1 was used to find 4 stolen cars

4 cars were stolen during the last weekend, the Police used Air 1 for that to track them.

The use of Air 1 was quite successful, no problems were detected. It helped the police find stolen cars and arrest 9 people who were involved in thefts.

Starting from Saturday night, the Police used a helicopter to conduct their investigation. The first offence occurred at about 11 pm when an SUV was stolen. Air 1 was able to track down suspects, and as a result 2 teenagers were arrested: 16 and 17 years old boys.

On Sunday, the investigation switched to searching for another stolen SUV from a female resident of the city. As a result, 2 people were found and arrested.

In addition, the helicopter was able to help the Police find the SUV that was stolen last Friday. 3 people were arrested, however, one managed to escape. He was arrested only after a night pursuit. 2 men (both 23 years old) and 2 women (22 and 25 years old) will receive a number of charges in this case.

On Monday morning, the investigation continued: the Police were tracking down another stolen vehicle using a helicopter. Trying to escape from the police, the man lost control over the car and collided with a traffic light. A weapon was found inside the stolen vehicle. The man was arrested; he turned out to be a 37-year-old resident of Winnipeg.

Air 1 helped the Police to solve crimes during the weekend really well.

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