Changes in fines for drivers will begin in November

Changes in fines for drivers will begin in November

The province is going to change some fines for drivers starting from November.

If a driver is using a hand-operated electronic device, starting from November he will pay a $672 fine instead of $203.

From the first of November, all drivers who will use cellphones while driving will be forced to pay such a fine. Unfortunately, at the moment there is a big problem among a large number of drivers - distracted driving. In this regard, a huge number of events occur every day on the roads of the province. The use of a cellphone while driving has a negative effect on all residents.

In case of violation of this law, the driver will lose their driver's license for a period of 3 days, and for 10 days if the situation repeats in the future. the police will take away the driver's license immediately at the scene of the violation.

Also, drivers whose license was taken away will have to pay 50 dollars when it comes time to get it back. These changes in the system of fines show how serious this problem is and that it needs to be solved using stricter measures.

As statistics show, talking on the phone while driving increases the number of accidents by 4 times. In 2017, this figure reached its maximum compared to recent years. In addition to a large number of accidents, in 2017 there were more than 30 deaths and more than 180 people were very seriously injured.

Starting from November 2018, MPI will launch a new campaign to raise awareness of drivers about all the dangers that may arise from talking on the phone while driving. People should take this issue more seriously and responsibly.

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