News about fines, legalization and weather in the province

News about fines, legalization and weather in the province

Drivers speaking on the phone behind the wheel will pay bigger fines. Shops selling cannabis are open. Weather in the province is sunny.

We want to remind you that on November 1 new fines enter into law for using a cellphone or any other device behind the wheel, which can interfere with driving a car.

The new fine will be slightly more than $670 which is $500 more than the previous fine. In addition to paying a fine, the driver will be deprived of a driving license for 3-7 days. For returning a driver's license a driver will also have to pay a certain amount of money.

Next week there may be problems in the work of post. The postal union has declared a strike and wants to get improved working conditions, better occupational safety of employees and less overtime work.

The day that many Canadians had been waiting for has come. On Wednesday at 8 am several stores selling cannabis have already opened their doors to customers. At the moment, the government of the country and the provinces, in particular, are developing and implementing various educational programs for the population. They will be able to get more detailed information on use, protection of their health, fines for violating the law, and so on.

MPI continue to seek an increase in the insurance rate of 2.2%. According to them, it is necessary for the reserve fund. It became also known that the activity of the MPI has already made more than $70 million profit this year.

There are some changes in the real estate market of Manitoba, the number of home sales fell by 12% compared to last year.

The weather makes Manitoba residents happy and they are looking forward to the weekend.

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