Manitoba Premier said federal carbon tax would negatively affect ordinary people in the province

Manitoba Premier said federal carbon tax would negatively affect ordinary people in the province

The Premier of the province does not think that the federal government promises that the new carbon tax will not affect the welfare of the people of the province.

On Tuesday he made a big statement about this. The federal government has submitted a carbon tax reimbursement plan to residents of the province who have been criticized by the Premier. He believes that the rebate cheques will not fully cover the costs of citizens on this tax, and this will significantly hit their wallets. He considers this plan very unfair to ordinary people.

Pallister noted that the liberal government is prone to unfair distribution of money. The mayor does not know all the details yet but he assumes that residents will get back about 75% of the carbon tax paid. The remaining money will be invested in various programs that are beneficial primarily to the federal government itself and its political goals.

The speech by Pallister was a reaction to the fact that Prime Minister Trudeau announced plans to introduce a carbon tax in the provinces that did not do it themselves. The tax should come into force in April. At first, it will cost $20 per ton of emissions, and by 2022 it will already be $50.

Carbon tax refunds will be provided through the income tax rebates. An average family of 4 should receive about $336 of rebates. With the increase in tax rebate will also grow.

A representative of the federal government in Manitoba Carr said that 90% of the money collected through the new tax return to residents in the form of rebates, and another 10% will be spent on schools, hospitals and other social programs. 

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