Canada Post is on strike, Delta 9 is looking for pot delivery options

Canada Post is on strike, Delta 9 is looking for pot delivery options

Canadian postal services are always ready for innovations and using it to help and serve the Canadian people. Starting October 17th marijuana is legal to grow, sell and to buy throughout Canada. Doesn’t matter if you are using it or not, cannabis is coming, it is already here and as of today, it is sold in your local stores and online.

Businesses across the country, from growers and retailers to the tech and tourism sectors, are preparing to reap a windfall from legal marijuana. Many new job positions are expected to open, in information area, business, medical and tourism, that last expected to expand greatly and bring more tourists to visit Canada.

Delta 9 has been delivering pot to those outside of Winnipeg using Canada Post. “For our rural communities, there are no other delivery options,” said Lisa Peterson, president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers’ Winnipeg branch.

The delivery companies throughout Canada say they are ready for such adult-only packages delivery. All the security precautions are taken and setup, staff members are instructed and ready to safely and securely deliver legal marijuana throughout Canada, as well as more money to local and federal budgets from taxes and tourism.

Canada Post has been delivering medical cannabis since 2013 but is still working to ensure those involved are trained ahead of legalization. In its first week of sales, Delta 9 received 1,583 online orders, 961 of which (60.7 percent) were sent by Canada Post.

So now when the Canada Post employees are striking, the packages are not being delivered on time, customers are not happy and the store loses business. But getting other couriers on board could be a bit of a process, as those companies would need approval from Health Canada, and Delta 9 said that could take some time. The rotating strikes can last anywhere from 24 to 48 hours, but Peterson said they could get word from the national union to do more down the road, and if negotiations don’t go well, there could be a full strike across the country.

But for now, the hunt continues for another way to ship recreational cannabis outside of Winnipeg. 

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