Canadians say they want to eat less meat

Canadians say they want to eat less meat

The purpose of this survey was to identify people's attitudes towards meat consumption.

The survey showed that most of the country's population expressed their desire to consume less meat products daily, and 30% of those surveyed are going to do it in the next 6 months.

Most Canadians consider meat to be an essential part of their diet, especially people over 50 years old. However, most people still want to reduce the amount of meat. The main reason for this desire is to improve health. In addition to this, the following reasons were mentioned among the reasons: price, environmental situation, and animal care.

A co-author of the study said that in his youth the refusal of meat was a rare occurrence and organizing vegetarian dinners was not accepted in society. Today there is nothing surprising in this, and more and more vegetarian restaurants appear in the world.

Many countries, including Sweden, Holland, USA, China, Great Britain and Belgium are going to reduce the amount of meat in the national cuisine. Canada can be the next country to continue the list. In recent years, doctors recommend increasing the amount of fiber in the diet, respectively, whole grains, fruits and vegetables began to force meat out of the usual human dinner.

Registered dietitian Kate Comeau informed that it is absolutely possible to switch to a plant-based diet, if it is well planned. Even pregnant women can try it and get all necessary vitamins and elements during this period of life.

If you want to start eating less meat, you should think about your diet a week ahead. this will protect you or one of your family members from the decision made at the last moment to eat meat. Plus, you can add variety to your diet.

 Lentils, beans and tofu are excellent options for reducing meat. In addition, it is good to try recipes from the cuisines of other countries, for example, Indian. Indian cuisine is rich in meals without meat. Low meat consumption can reduce the risk of cancer, and eating more vegetables will add more vitamins to your diet.

However, Kate Comeau says that people should not make radical decisions without enough information. This way they can harm their health. Vegetarianism is good but the body should receive all the necessary elements, including those found in meat. So before giving up meat, it is necessary to get all information and carefully make the diet.

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