The residents of Churchill express their joy seeing train again

The residents of Churchill express their joy seeing train again

Churchill residents finally heard the sounds of a train.

On Wednesday evening, the first train made its journey after the long-awaited opening of Churchill railroad. The residents of the city expected to see the train no earlier than Thursday but the event on Wednesday was a truly joyful surprise for them.

People even planned a street celebration of this event, with the presence of the prime minister.

After the flood, the only way to get into the city or leave it was by plane. However, this option was suitable not for all people because of its price. One of the residents of the city saw that the train was travelling by railroad again, sat down and burst into tears.

He could not believe his eyes. His tears expressed the whole sadness that people had after the flood. They were practically cut off from the world and missed a lot of important events, such as weddings, birthdays or funerals of their relatives or friends who live in other parts of the country.

On Thursday, Justin Trudeau will personally come to congratulate the residents of Churchill on such a wonderful event.

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Churchill railroad train