Eighteen ounces of meth send a man back behind bars

Eighteen ounces of meth send a man back behind bars, Vladimir Volenyuk

Starting October 17th marijuana is legal to grow, sell and to buy throughout Canada. Doesn’t matter if you are using it or not, cannabis is coming, it is already here and as of today, it is sold in your local stores and online.

But not meth and definitely not in large quantities like 18 ounces, correctional officers discovered a large quantity of meth at the Main Street community correctional center where he was lodged this summer. Eighteen ounces of meth were found in his room, with a street value of around $12,000. They had notified the police and the drugs were seized.

Last Wednesday, October 31st a Winnipegger, 39-year-old man was arrested and now is back behind bars at Stony Mountain Institution facing new charges. 

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meth seized Winnipeg Police Eighteen ounces of meth
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