Armed men barricaded in the house near the school

Armed men barricaded in the house near the school

A scary and dangerous incident occurred in the residential area right next to a school full of children right during classes. Last Friday, November 2nd Winnipeg Police blocked the street outside the Shaughnessy Park School in response to what its spokesperson called a "serious incident."

Police units were positioned on Chudley Street south of Tyndall Avenue starting at 4 a.m. and asked people to avoid the area. There were around 25 police units at the scene, including a response unit on armored vehicles. School officials said that the School located near Shaughnessy Park was in a state of retention and security - this means that classes were held, but no one could leave or enter the school from 8:30 in the morning.

The spokesman for the Winnipeg Police Const. Rob Carver said that an armed man barricaded himself in the house near the school, that is why the school was placed under a lockdown, to make sure children will stay inside for their own safety, said Carver at a press conference that took place near the scene of the incident around 11 a.m.

Carver assured the press and people present during his report, that police will do everything possible to make sure no one will get hurt and to resolve the situation as fast and as peaceful as possible.

After negotiations, five people surrendered to police on Friday night. First three men surrendered, this happened after the police threw several aerosols with pepper extract through the windows. Later two more came outside and were taken into custody about an hour later when the officers repeated this procedure with pepper extract.

The investigation still continues, the identities of arrested will be disclosed when it is closed. Officers are working with detained suspects on their statements to help the investigation with all the details and, most important, the reasons for such dangerous behavior.