A new face in Mayor Bowman's inner circle

A new face in Mayor Bowman's inner circle

Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman says the city will get stronger every single year during his speech after being re-elected.

Everyone who voted for the current mayor is celebrating the victory with the Bowman, people showed their support as he showed good work on his electoral promises from the last campaign. Bowman stated that it is still a long way to go for the city to work on all the issues and problems of the city, but his team is ready to work hard and make Winnipeg the best and prosperous city in Canada.

Brian Bowman will continue as Winnipeg's mayor after defeating Jenny Motkaluk and six other mayoral hopefuls. Results show Bowman with 53.3 percent of votes and Motkaluk with 33.72 percent of votes.

A new term means a new team, so Bowman presented a new face in his inner circle. First-time councilor-elect Sherri Rollins from Fort Rouge-East Fort Garry is the only new member on EPC. She becomes chair of protection and community services. The appointment adds a second woman to the committee.

"I ran to be a protective ward voice but also to play that city-wide roll," said Rollins.

Bowman also made some changes for the team members that are staying from the prior team. Cindy Gilroy moves from innovation to water and waste, Brian Mayes shifts from water and waste to property and development, and John Orlikow switches from property and development to innovation. After four years as property and development chair, Orlikow says he asked for the change. "I'm very excited about the opportunity to get the innovation committee to what it should be, which is more of an economic development file," said Orlikow.

The new councilors will take the Oath of Office Tuesday night at the first council meeting. The new speaker and deputy speaker will both be elected at that time.

Fellow Winnipeggers thank you, everyone who voted and showed their support not just to Bowman, but to any of the running candidates, we have to vote every time to make sure that our city ran by really worthy people chosen by us, the Winnipeg`s citizens. And let’s hope for new bright horizons for our city in the near future!