VW Tiguan the Canadian configuration

VW Tiguan the Canadian configuration

The new Volkswagen Tiguan is a real deal - the car looks like a real premium SUV (Audi Q5, Mercedes GLE), but in fact it is in the middle price category - the prices on Tiguan start from $ 28,925 as standard modification and from $ 31,175 for the version with all-wheel drive (prices for October 30th, 2018 from the official website of VW Canada).

The appearance has changed, but so that, on the one hand, in the new version you can always find the old one, but on the other hand, it really looks premium. The exception, perhaps, is the view from behind, here the exterior has changed so much that it has become rather difficult to trace the relationship, the model became more strict and impressive.

What surprising and delighting in Tiguan are the huge rear door and the amount of space in the back seat, for the ordinary crossover size this is fantastic. In addition, you can optionally order the third row of seats and turn the Tiguan into a 7-seater.

The VW representatives can easily explain the phenomenon of the new Tiguan. They had asked a German designer Klaus Bishof to do the impossible: so that a compact second-generation SUV would be more presentable and competitive. And Bishof definitely succeeded.

At the same time, it was necessary to focus on the fact that the first generation, with all its obvious merits, had a number of things that drivers periodically complained about. To say that the result exceeded all expectations is to say nothing at all.

In the second generation, the Volkswagen Tiguan has grown significantly - the new model in 2018 has become larger than its predecessor in almost all parameters. Clearance remained the same - 200 mm. The wheel row varies from R17 to R20, for every taste. In the previous version, there were only 16 and 17. For Canada, you can install additional engine heating, so under the hood, we also have a plug for connecting 110v - to warm the engine on cold winter nights.

In conclusion, the VW Tiguan turned out quite well and for quite a reasonable price, buyers can get a practically optimal combination of dynamics, style, and comfort. 

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