Canadian Cancer Society is not going to accept hair donations in 2019

Canadian Cancer Society is not going to accept hair donations in 2019

As it became known, the Canadian Cancer Society stated that it will not accept hair donations starting from January 2019.

Within the program Beautiful Lengths, this organization has worked together with the Pantene company since 2006, and together they accepted hair donations and made free wigs for cancer patients. From 2006 to 2018 more than 70000 people have given their hair to the organization.

However, this society has recently stated that wigs made of artificial hair are much more convenient to use. Manufacturing techniques are now at a very high level, and the organization plans to replace natural hair wigs with artificial hair wigs starting from 2019. Artificial wigs easier to wash, dry and style. Plus, they are lighter.

Pantene stated that they can provide wigs from natural hair until 2022. The organization said that it is in search of new solutions for those who wish to donate their hair.

Tara Torchia has a shop that sells goods for cancer patients. There are a large number of wigs in her store, and she also confirmed the fact that artificial hair wigs are much more practical. However, the woman is concerned and worried about those people who still prefer natural wigs. After all, after the end of the program, they will have to buy them at a price of over $1,000.

Tammy McBain is a woman whose daughter died from cancer 9 years ago. She said that her daughter liked natural wings and such wings made her really happy and closer to other people. The woman also worries that many people will be left without natural wigs now. Tammy McBain has donated her hair several times already. 

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