A new storybook will teach kids how to understand their feelings

A new storybook will teach kids how to understand their feelings

Two Winnipeg therapists created a storybook for kids. It will help the, understand their feelings after any trauma.

This storybook is titled Big Feelings Come and Go and it is intended for children of a certain age. Kate Kiernan and Billy Brodovsky noted that very often after trauma children take one of three positions: flight, fight or freeze. However, they do not understand their feelings and think that something wrong is with them.

The storybook will be very useful for both children and parents when communicating with their children. It should help them teach their kids some elementary self-regulation skills.

The book has many colourful animal characters and a very accessible language. The storybook is going to show children how they should react to stress and various anxieties. New Directions, an organization that supports children, adolescents and even adults, cooperated with therapists and helped to create the book.

On Tuesday there was the official release of Big Feelings Come and Go.

Over the past few years, Kiernan and Brodovsky held a large number of seminars and helped more than 3000 people. It was at these seminars that they had the idea to create a book because there is a great need for it. Most of their work is related to children, and they believe that the book should provide answers to many questions from both children and parents.

If children can find words to describe their experiences during times of stress, this will make their recovery process much easier. Children very often cannot explain what is happening to them and can be closed inside themselves.

Moreover, the book will help children learn to cope with their worries, calm down, and find a way out of different life situations. Children will be able to see themselves and their life situations in the characters of the book. Kiernan and Brodovsky hope that the book will really make parents and children closer.

At the moment, anyone can order this storybook or download it on the website of the Canadian Child Protection Center. Soon it will also be present in the libraries of the province.

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