Snow is already in Manitoba

Snow is already in Manitoba

Snowfalls have come to Manitoba.

However, if you are located in Winnipeg, you may not see any snow.

Perhaps, Perimeter Highway created an invisible protective field around the city.

Environment Canada meteorologist Dan Fulton said on Tuesday that the previous night, the snow came close to Winnipeg, and it slowly moved closer the whole night, but a few hours ago, when it seemed that it would get into the perimeter of the city, it decided to move in the direction of Starbuck.

It was right near the city, and then it began to go away.

In the western half of the province, however, winter is coming with snowdrifts from 5 to 10 centimetres and possibly even higher on the heights in the Parklands area. The snow continues to fall, and it will be a rather unpleasant day in western Manitoba, he added.

The forecast also shows the temperature will fall below the norm in the nearest future. 

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