Winnipeg School Division is creating an app for parents

Winnipeg School Division is creating an app for parents

The app is called SafeArrival and it is very helpful for parents.

Using it, they will be able to warn the school when their child is ill and can not come to school. However, the most substantial thing is that parents can track their children at school and find out when they miss classes or are late.

59 elementary schools have already implemented SafeArrival. It can send a message, or an email to parents if they choose such a function in the settings. If the parents worry that something can be wrong they give feedback in the form of a call, message or via email.

Jasmine Anchiuk shared her opinion on the app and said that she used it several times to warn the school that her child will be absent.

Norma Choken said that she has three grandsons but their schools do not have SafeArrival yet. The woman is quite upset.

The woman hopes that in the near future schools where her grandchildren are studying will also start using this app because then parents will be sure their kids are fine. 

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