Winnipeg Harvest asks people to donate food even after expiration date

Winnipeg Harvest asks people to donate food even after expiration date

Winnipeg Harvest informed that canned food is still good for eating even if the expiration date has passed. So, the organization asks Winnipeggers not to throw out such foods but to donate them.

At the moment, the organization has about 200 volunteers who daily check all the food that comes. All employees are well aware that if a can is intact, but the shelf life has passed, the food can still be eaten. The permissible usage period can be up to 24 months after the expiration date. However, if there is any damage, food is thrown out and it is not used for people in the future.

Claudia Narvaez, a food scientist from the University of Manitoba, stated that she agrees with Winnipeg Harvest and said that when properly stored, the shelf life of canned goods increases up to 2 years extra. When you open such canned food, you may notice that the colour of the food has changed, and even the smell can become different but it does not pose a threat to your health.

A representative of the organization said that Winnipeg Harvest quite rarely received bad foods from city residents. Usually, foods have a big shelf life.

Winnipeg Harvest expresses its gratitude to all the people who donate food and help the organization. This is really important because now Winnipeg Harvest helps more than 60,000 inhabitants of Manitoba.

If you want to find out how you can help, and what goods are most needed at the moment, you can see all the information on the official website of Winnipeg Harvest.

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