The taps are dry but water continues to flow down the street in Winnipeg

The taps are dry but water continues to flow down the street in Winnipeg

Winnipeg rooming house residents are in a shock due to water problems.

They do not have water in taps and their toilets do not work but water flows in the street near their house for about a month.

Ronald Duck rented an apartment at the multi-unit building on Langside Street in October and he said the situation with water has not changed since then. The man said that he had to go to his sister to take a shower and wash his clothes. Duck pays $550 a month, and he wants to get a full range of services for the money he pays.

The owner of the house appeared a few days ago for the first time since October. He said that he had found people who would try to fix the damage but in his opinion, this is all the responsibility of the city authorities. He also denied the fact that the residents of the house have been living without water for about a month.

City authorities reported that the accident occurred in late September. They conducted an inspection and found out that the cause of the leak was in the territory that belongs to the man but not to the city.

November 2, the water was completely turned off to avoid damage to other houses which are nearby. As soon as the owner of the house reports that all the problems have been fixed, the water will be re-connected to the house.

Ben Simcoe, housing co-ordinator with the Spence Neighbourhood Association announced that people need to get those facilities what they need and what they pay for.

Another man living in the house said that he had called the owner several times and asked to solve the problem. However, it was to no avail.

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