Phone scammers appeared in Winnipeg

Phone scammers appeared in Winnipeg

Winnipeg police warn city inhabitants to be careful - phone scammers are operating in the city.

The most vulnerable category of the population is people of retirement age. Therefore, all Winnipeggers should warn their relatives about the possible danger.

As the police told, scammers call city residents and say they are retailers. Then they tell that the person’s credit card was used by someone and transfer the call to the fake policeman. This policeman asks to transfer money to hold the investigation.

At the moment only one case of fraud was recorded but the police are sure that there were other cases they just do not know. To prevent the repetition of the situation in the future, the police strongly recommend being very careful.

A woman was called by a man who pretended to be a jeweler. He acted according to the scheme: at the beginning he said that her card was used when buying expensive jewelry, then he connected her with a bank manager, then with a policeman. At the final stage of the conversation, the woman thought that something strange was happening. She ended the phone call and called the police herself and told about everything.

The police informed that the scammers especially pay attention to the elderly people. Due to this fact, all residents of the city should talk with their senior relatives and friends. Also, the police noted that people should ask for the name of the caller and never tell their personal data to strangers, such as a credit card number and so on.

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Winnipeg police phone scammers elderly people