Is it possible to use a cell phone while driving in Manitoba?

Is it possible to use a cell phone while driving in Manitoba?, Iryna Chyrkova

This is a question that many people have but only a few of them know the answer.

As it became known, the police said NO.

An officer from RCMP explained that driving laws in Manitoba prohibit the use of any electronic device while driving.

This means that drivers should stay away from doing any actions using their cell phone if it is not connected to Bluetooth. Manitobans should not make calls, write texts, surf the net or doing any other activities.

However, he also added that using a mobile device to pay through the window is legal.

On November 1, new road fines for distracting driving actions appeared in Manitoba.

The fines increased from $203 to $672. Fines now also include a three-day license suspension. In the case of repeated violation, the driver’s license will be taken away for 7 days.

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