Winnipeg offers to visit three great events on the weekend

Winnipeg offers to visit three great events on the weekend

The calendar still shows autumn but the inhabitants of the city are already feeling the onset of winter.

Instead of sitting at home, Winnipeg offers some great weekend activities. So, dress as warmly as possible and let’s have fun!

1 Colton's pick: Santa Claus Parade

Saturday is the official opening of the festive season and Santa Claus will arrive in the city for the 109th parade.

This year, the parade went through a difficult trial: it was necessary to raise $100,000 to hold it. However, quite a lot of people made their efforts to see the parade this year. Starting from Portage Avenue and Young Street it will move to Portage and Main.

Be ready at 5 p.m., this is the time when everything starts this year!

2 Shannah-Lee's pick: Game-iToba

Do you want to have fun during the weekend? Then be sure to visit Game-iToba.

Game-iToba contains about 700 games and volunteers will get the most interesting ones to play this weekend. Do not worry if you do not know how to play some of them: volunteers will be glad to explain and help you. If you have children, take them with you, many games are for families.

Entrance ticket on Friday and Sunday costs $15, on Saturday $20. But if you decide to spend the whole weekend with Game-iToba, you can buy a ticket for $30 for 3 days. Game-iToba will be at the Bronx Park Community Centre, located at 720 Henderson Hwy from Friday to Sunday evening.

3 Ismaila's pick: Tarbut: Festival of Jewish Culture

A festival of Jewish culture will also be held this weekend.

You will be able to learn the culture of this nation a little better, to get acquainted with local books, songs and movies.

The main event of the festival will be the performance of the most famous Canadian-Israeli singer Yael Deckelbaum. She will be one of the performers who come to the festival to please all the inhabitants of the city with their songs. The ticket costs $39 for non-members, $36 for members and just $20 for students.

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