There will always be a “green light” on Manitoba highways

There will always be a “green light” on Manitoba highways

The Minister of Infrastructure of Manitoba, Ron Schuler, announced the start of work to remove all traffic lights from the Southern Perimeter highway around Winnipeg.

He says that over the next three years, 23 small intersections along the road will either be closed or have left turns, and the middle entrances will be eliminated.

Schuler said that this work is part of a plan to improve road safety, which is part of the trans-Canadian highway and will cost $ 19 million.

Another feature is the first roundabout on the Manitoba motorway, which is scheduled to open next week, not far from the highway on the neighboring road southwest of the city.

Schuler says that all six intersections with traffic lights on the perimeter of the road will remain at the moment but will be considered as part of the study, which should take place next year, and its results will be accounted in planning for future changes.

He says that the goal is that in the end - over the next few decades - trucks and other traffic flows can easily move around the city.

“The safety plan is the first step in promoting the long-term vision of the Southern Perimeter as a fully accessible and controlled highway,” said Schuler at a press conference on Friday, November 16th.

“We know that there is a load of up to 40,000 - 50,000 cars (per day) and it is growing. This is one of the most important economic corridors.”