Holliday gift ideas for Winnipeggers and their kids

Holliday gift ideas for Winnipeggers and their kids

The holiday season is just around the corner. It is time for Winnipeggers to think about gifts for their children.

Black Friday is coming, this is an ideal period for buying gifts, and we will help you to choose.

Interactive Toys

Toy Expert at Mastermind Toys explained that interactive toys will be good even for the youngest kids. You can try DJ-Bot. This is a Bluetooth speaker with moves, and both kids and parents will love it. Playing DJ-Bot children can express themselves to the maximum by programming new movements while listening to their favorite songs.

Another great idea is to choose Fingerlings Hug. This is a new version of so popular Fingerlings. It will be especially loved by the smallest kids. A cute monkey imitates kissing sound if to bring it close to the face and squeals with delight if to toss it up in the air.

Flappy the Elephant is also good for babies. It has interactive ears and it plays peek-a-boo.

Board Games

Now board games are more popular than ever. You can try What’s That Smell. This game will be interesting for children over 14 and their parents. Players should guess the smell from the playing cards. It can be really funny and amusing.

If you want to add even more laughter, then you can try Pencil Nose. The recommended age is 8+, so the whole family can get together and play it. With the help of special glasses and a writing tool a person needs to create a picture. It will not be as simple as it can seem at first. 

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