Christmas decorations were stolen from a Winnipeg family

Christmas decorations were stolen from a Winnipeg family

The incident occurred on Saturday, November 17.

 Julie Todman said she bought various decorations to make a holiday for her son in honor of his remission.

The woman reported that her yard was famous for its decorations every year. This year, the decorations have been in the yard since November 7th.

At Saturday night, unknown people came to her courtyard and stole many holiday décor items. In addition, the vandals destroyed a snowman. Julie found one of the decorations a few blocks from her house but it was ruined and could not be restored.

The next day the woman was very depressed, she did not know how to explain this situation to her children. The holidays were especially important for her 6-year-old son as last year he had to spend almost the whole holiday season in the hospital.

Cameras filmed everything that happened at night but people’s faces were not visible. The police were only able to determine that teenagers were there.

After the incident, city residents donate holiday decorations for this family. People send greeting cards to the boy from around the country. Julie is very grateful to everyone who supported her family in such a difficult moment.

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