Dollarama recalls a Chinese-made toy

Dollarama recalls a Chinese-made toy

Dollarama informed that it recalls a Chinese-made toy due to a very high chemical content. The retailer came to the conclusion that this toy can bring harm to children and their close people.

This is already the second case when Dollarama recalls a toy that was made in China this year.

Health Canada states that more than 52,000 Montoy dolls and toy furniture have already been sold. However, there were no reports about any kind of injuries. Recent tests show that this toy contains levels of phthalates that exceed the allowable limit. So, it can be harmful to kids in case of getting into the mouth.

The chemicals formerly known as PVCs were restricted in 2010 after it became known that they can lead to reproductive and developmental abnormalities in kids.

Dollarama asks all parents whose children play this toy to return it to the store or to throw it out in order to protect them.

We want to remind that Skip Ball was recalled by Dollarama also due to a very high level of chemicals in August this year. 

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