St. Vital farm will be demolished

St. Vital farm will be demolished

On Tuesday police officers and animal services staff came to the farm to clean the debris and kittens.

Tami Luschinski is living near the farm and she was really glad to see that the city started doing something with that old farm. Its roof and walls have big holes and old vehicles are just scattered around it.

Carl Kucas, 72, is the owner of the farm, and he said that the police came in the afternoon and started their work. The man was very worried that all the noise could frighten his pregnant cows and lead to miscarriage. In an interview, the man said that now his cows are left without a roof above their heads and without food. At the same time, the city blamed him for everything.

People who live nearby have repeatedly complained about the endless trash and odor on the farm over the years. In 2010, the city authorities ordered him to remove old transport, manure, and other garbage and restore order to the farm.

However, the complaints continued until the summer of 2018. Kucas took no action. In late summer, a provincial veterinarian reported that cats live on the farm and no one licensed them. By law, starting in 2015, all people living in Winnipeg must license their cats.

The man explained that he does not claim ownership of the cats although he agrees that he sometimes feeds them and they protect the farm from small pests. Luschinski said that she took in eight kittens this year and she is pleased that the city finally paid attention to the farm. The woman can now sleep peacefully, knowing that animals do not suffer outside in the cold and without food.

Conducting several tests, the vet said all animals are healthy, including cats. However, local residents say they often see wounded cats near the farm and they try to avoid contact with livestock in every way. Kucas's friend believes that the demolition of the farm will bring more benefits to all people and animals despite the sadness of this event.

Carl Kucas is trying to get permission to build a new house but the city has not given it yet.

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St. Vital farm animal services staff Carl Kucas