The sales of passenger cars in Canada decreased slightly

The sales of passenger cars in Canada decreased slightly

Every day more and more new vehicles are showing up on the roads in the world and Canada. Nowadays a personal vehicle is not a luxury but a necessity for anyone of any age and lifestyle. In big cities to get to work or simply to go around the city and run daily errands you have to have a car or will have to spend hours in public transportation and literally waist the time instead of making everywhere on time in your personal vehicle.

Sales of new cars in Canada declined in 2018 for the sixth consecutive month, according to DesRosiers Automotive Consultants.

At the same time, passenger car sales decreased by 10.6% to 52 thousand 842 cars, and sales of light trucks increased by 2.6% to 128 thousand 100 units.

The American company Ford Motor recorded a 7.1% increase in August sales in the Canadian market, while sales of Genesis jumped 236%, while sales of Volvo, Mitsubishi and Acura increased by 43.5%, 18%, and 13% respectively.

Overall it makes total sense that Canadians prefer light-duty trucks and SUVs due to the weather conditions in our country.