Men accused of assaulting homeless man turn themselves in

Men accused of assaulting homeless man turn themselves in

Over a month ago, the violent attack incident happened in Winnipeg, but the recent events surprised everyone. The attackers willingly came to the police department and turned themselves in. Early Saturday morning, October 13th, a married couple went to get something to eat at A&W on Portage Avenue. Tracy and Doug Thomas were in their vehicle when they saw two young men assaulting a homeless person, who was just trying to sleep on the bench inside the bus shelter.

They had dragged a homeless man off the bench to the ground and started beating him in the head and body, kicking the man with their feet and cursing on him. Doug just jumped out of the car and got run towards them to intervene and stop the attack.

Tracy said she got really scared when the attackers suddenly switched to Doug and started beating him. “It was the scariest moment of my life … seeing my husband being ruthless, intentionally and brutally hurt,” Tracy said.

 Everything happened in minutes and the attackers were gone. Doug Thomas got some serious injuries, he got punched in the face and one of his eyes was damaged after the detail checkup doctors said his eyeball is intact. “Even though I got hurt, I chose to step in, I chose to intervene, I didn’t want that man to be hurt. I would absolutely do it again,” Said Doug.

As per the Winnipeg Police, a homeless man got some serious injuries, nobody else got hurt, two attackers were gone before police arrived at the scene. Two young men have turned themselves in after being accused of attacking a homeless man sleeping in a bus shelter, and the Good Samaritan who came to save him.