Manitobans should know several tips before adopting animals

Manitobans should know several tips before adopting animals

The Winnipeg Humane Society that is part of Humane Canada implement several rules when adopting pets.

A couple from Winnipeg shared its experience after they adopted a puppy. Ryan Lennon and his girlfriend have a dog named Charlie. Recently they decided to adopt another puppy. They told that they paid $500 for a puppy but after signing necessary documents they found out that they need to pay additional money for spaying their dog.

The Province of Manitoba says it has Animal Care Act which shows how to act in various situations related to animals and their welfare but there are no specific rules for shelters.

A spokesman from this organization recommends people to ask all the questions that are interesting to them until they sign the papers. They may ask about the parents of the animal and the conditions in which it was living and growing up. They can even see the living conditions of a dog or a cat before they take it home. People should also learn about the state of health of the animal in order not to have unpleasant surprises in the future.

At the moment there is a problem of overpopulation and the largest rescuers will soon get together and solve this issue.

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