European windows in Canada, why is it so popular

Today, window systems manufactured in Europe are unbeatable in the North American market in terms of price and quality ratio.

For a person who understands the production of modern windows, the very fact that you can produce windows in Europe, transporting them across the ocean and selling them in the USA and Canada seems incomprehensible.

The process itself is as follows, a technician arrives at the location, takes measurements, then workers cut a plastic profile by this size, reinforce it with aluminum reinforcement, insert the necessary mechanisms: handles, hinges, etc. At the same time the glass is cut, everything is connected together - the product is ready!

After that, the window is installed, the inevitable gaps are filled with foam, which is covered with plaster. Otherwise, with open contact with air, the foam will disintegrate in a year or two.

In fact, everything is not so simple. The first question is the profile itself and everything else: fittings, gaskets, fittings, glass. In the United States, with its weather conditions and the price of energy, it makes no sense to create a large-scale production of components for windows with high-quality thermal insulation. In Europe, the situation is a little different the climate is more severe, plus the highest quality requirements with a very high standard of living, especially in the Scandinavian countries.

The standard of living in the US and Canada is not lower and the cost of wages, taxes, rental of premises, energy, water, etc. are much higher. So it is not a surprise that the entrepreneurs are trying to bring the production of such windows to North America. Assembly companies are certified by the ISO quality management system, plus ongoing monitoring at all stages of production.

Today, European windows in Canada is the best solution for energy saving and the best quality! Everyone loves silence, warmth, and comfort in the house. And if this also turns out to be a good idea to save money on accounts, then it is easy to understand why many people choose European windows. 

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