Winnipeg running group wants to increase women safety

Winnipeg running group wants to increase women safety

After several attacks on women that occurred last month, Winnipeg residents decided to take security measures.

Carly Peters and a few more women made up their minds to give women free whistles and thus to try to increase the safety for female runners and walkers. Carly is a runner for more than eight years and the situation really scared her.

The presence of a whistle will not help fight off dangerous criminal but it will increase every woman’s self-confidence. Many women run in the evenings, and often in dimly lit areas. Therefore, many of them would like to increase their security.

In October, police arrested an 18-year-old boy on charges of assaulting a woman. Winnipeg resident reported that she began to scream when she saw a man running straight at her and beginning to unbutton his pants. The place of the attack is pretty close at Peters house, so the woman sounded the alarm. She herself likes to run in the evening and her mother often returns home late.

Winnipeg women should feel safe. In addition to free whistles, Peters will also inform women how to protect themselves. These recommendations will be useful for men to protect women.

Despite the fact that attacks are very rare, all city inhabitants should always remember about their safety and take all necessary measures. The police recommend running together with someone, always having a cell phone, changing routes, wearing bright clothes and trying to avoid dark places.

Carly Peters with her running group collected donations and thanks to that money they were able to buy about 300 whistles.

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