How not to regret the holiday spending? 4 essential tips

How not to regret the holiday spending? 4 essential tips

The festive season is already starting, did you buy the gifts?

A recent survey showed that about 60% of Canadians consider this time of year the most difficult and stressful. Now buying gifts can drive many people into depression. Every year, residents of the country ask a question. How to save and not to regret about spending a huge amount of money after the holidays?

The biggest problem is that most people spend a lot more than they originally planned. More than 50% of the population is ready to go into debt but to make their family happy and to have the best holiday.

The main goal of any holidays is to give people joy and happiness, and not regret and stress.

Here are 4 essential tips to help you make you spend less during the holidays:

1.     Make a list of what you plan to buy. Then you need to re-read it several times and divide it into those things, the purchase of which will bring you joy, and those that will entail depression and sadness. Think about how to change things from the second part of the list and to reduce the amount of money you spend on them.

2.     If you understand that you need to buy a lot of gifts for your relatives and their children, try to discuss future gifts with them. Perhaps there are preferences for gifts, and this will save you from buying unnecessary goods. In addition, you can discuss your budget, and tell your family that you can not afford to spend too much money. You can let your relatives choose gifts for their children and even create new gift holiday traditions in your family.

3.     The most difficult thing is to make a good celebration for your children. There is always pressure from other parents and how they celebrate and what they give to their children. Accordingly, your children may have too high expectations. Your task is to switch their attention from other children and to make them understand how lucky they are to be your child and to get your great gifts. Volunteering is a good way to teach your children to appreciate their family.

4.     To avoid impulse purchases, delete your credit card information from most of your favorite online stores. Doing this you will have time to think whether you need this or that thing before you buy it. Each time you enter data, you give yourself this time and make fewer unnecessary purchases.

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