Winnipeg’s Third + Bird market becoming more and more popular

Winnipeg’s Third + Bird market becoming more and more popular

After a decade there is no doubt that Winnipeg’s Third + Bird market becomes more popular every year.

Now, this Christmas market occupies 90,000 square feet in Winnipeg downtown. Despite Black Friday and grandiose discounts, many people prefer to go to the market and to enjoy the amazing atmosphere instead of the usual shopping in malls.

There were more than 150 retailers and more than 14000 people attended it. Vendors from all over the province used this market to boast their goods and to make Winnipeggers a little happier.

Caitlin Giesbrecht and Nicole Pellaers created their business about half a year ago and they said that they were impressed by Winnipeg’s Third + Bird market. They communicated with a lot of people, with other retailers and the atmosphere was indescribable.

Next year, they want to take part in the market again and invite everyone to come, especially those residents of the city who for this or that reason missed the market this year.

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