Buy Nothing Project helps save on Christmas gifts

Buy Nothing Project helps save on Christmas gifts

Winnipeg woman plans to save on gifts this year and to buy nothing.

If your plans coincide with the plans of this woman, you can use her tips.

Is it possible to save on gifts but at the same time to give yourself and your family unforgettable holiday emotions? Courtney Worden believes that this is quite possible.

The woman explains that she uses Buy Nothing Project. This project can help people get a lot of things from other users for free. For example, she has already got some types of fabric and baking ingredients. Other people told they find useful invitations or certificates there.

If Courtney needs Christmas presents, she first turns to the group. After all, if this or that thing is not needed by someone, this does not mean that it is bad and should be thrown away. It is her way to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Buy Nothing Project is practicing a lot of the sustainable-giving strategies that the Green Action Centre in Winnipeg highly recommends. The co-ordinator of the centre also believes that non-material gifts can be more memorable and meaningful for people. Last year she gave her husband a photo calendar made from a recycled piece of wood that she found at home. Her husband gave her a cribbage board, complete with handmade wooden pegs.

Such gifts will be remembered for life, and trinkets from shopping malls can become useless and unnecessary things that a person will forget about in a few months. Therefore, the Green Action Centre recommends city inhabitants not to run to the store for a gift but try to make it with their own hands.

When choosing a gift, it is very important to understand what interests a person has and what he may need. No one likes unnecessary gifts. If you are not sure what exactly to present, try asking a person directly or discuss it with your common friends, they also can help.

Giving a person all kinds of memories, people do not buy new goods, respectively, they reduce their negative impact on the environment in the future. Now, tickets for a concert or dinner in a restaurant have become almost the most popular gifts because people are giving emotions, and not a material thing. Such gifts are much more special and show that people have spent time choosing them.

However, sometimes there are situations when a person needs to go to the store and to buy a gift. In this case, the Green Action Centre recommends choosing ethically and sustainably made goods.

The owner of Generation Green - Exchange Exchange, Sherry Sobey, declares that all things sold in her shop are tested for environmental impact. She believes that buyers should make their choice consciously, and avoid impulsive decisions.

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