Winnipeggers should be careful: about 30% of houses have unsafe levels of radon

Winnipeggers should be careful: about 30% of houses have unsafe levels of radon, Iryna Chyrkova

Lung Association of Manitoba warns all residents of the province that their houses can have a too high level of radon.

As the statistic show, about 100 people die because of this problem every year. Radon does not have color or smell and that’s why it is so dangerous. It can get to houses from the soil and basement.

Manitoba has the second-high level of mortality due to this gas in the country. It can affect not only people but also their pets. Radon is the first cause of lung cancer in people who do not smoke. In connection with this, many Winnipeg residents have already applied to test their homes.

In addition to professional testing, inhabitants of the city can buy a device for self-test their houses on the radon level. It should be placed on the lowest floor. The device needs to be in the house for at least 90 days. Then it must be sent to the laboratory for analysis.

After receiving the data, people can live more calmly and not worry about their safety and life in their own home. If the results are not very satisfying, a person will be able to take all necessary measures to increase the safety of his living condition, for example, to improve ventilation.

The official site of the province has more detailed information on this issue. 

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Radon Lung Association of Manitoba high level of mortality
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