Winnipeg police used air horn to scare away coyote

Winnipeg police used air horn to scare away coyote

On November 24, at about 10 p.m. a coyote that was pursuing an old man with a dog was seen by the police.

Without thinking twice, the police used an air horn to scare away the wild animal. The accident happened on River Grove Drive at Saul Miller Drive.

After a while, a helicopter arrived to inspect the area. Officers noticed a pack of coyotes on a field for playing golf. It became clear that one coyote had separated from the pack and went hunting for an elderly man with a dog.

Due to the fact that this is not the first case when coyotes are seen in Winnipeg, the police strongly advise city residents to be as careful as possible: not to walk in poorly-lit country areas, not to keep their dogs off the leash and to take a small pet in the arms when meeting a coyote.

If you notice a coyote, please contact at 204-986-6222. However, if there is any risk to somebody’s life, contact 911 without any hesitation and after that call 204-945-5221 and report everything to the Wildlife Branch of Sustainable Development.

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