Overheated computer provoked a big fire

Overheated computer provoked a big fire

Manitoba family left without its house because of a fire.

This terrible accident happened in the south of Manitoba. Firefighters came to the conclusion that a laptop overheated and causes a big fire that burned the house.

Cattle ranchers Randy and Joyska Tkachyk took their daughters and went to church. It was about 8 p.m. when Randy’s mother called him and told that the fire destroyed their home. The house was 1100 square feet.  When the couple returned, they saw nothing. There were only remains of the house which can not be restored.

Fire officers arrived as soon as possible but it was too late to save the house. The family built this house about 20 years ago and it still continued to invest in its improvement. Randy said that he could not believe his eyes: at one point, their home was simply burned and nothing left in its place. Fortunately, Randy and Joyska had insurance and they could build a new house for their family.

The police recommend inhabitants of the province to pay attention to safety rules when using their laptops.

-       do not charge the laptop longer than it should be done;

-       do not leave the laptop on soft surfaces as they can accumulate heat from the battery and cause overheating;

-       keep an eye on the laptop when it is changing;

-       do not use bad or inappropriate chargers;

-       do not charge the laptop when you are out.

As a result of the fire, the family also lost one of their pets - their dog.

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