A doctor from Winnipeg wrote a book about his help to homeless people

A doctor from Winnipeg wrote a book about his help to homeless people

Dr. Neil Craton is known for his great help to homeless people. After 10 years of working with them, he decided to share his stories and experience in a book.

The book is called Wisdom From the Homeless: Lessons a Doctor Learned at a Homeless Shelter.

Dr. Neil Craton admitted that his work in Winnipeg’s Siloam Mission changed his life views and the life in general. The doctor says that he is an ordinary person and the same as many other people he has always been busy with his problems. However, when he first got to Siloam, he could not pass by and continue to live his old life.

Craton says that he gained invaluable experience and in his book he told a lot of interesting stories about medicine and his work with homeless people, and about the lessons he learned from people there.

In addition, the book speaks of Christianity and the spiritual life of Craton. He always felt that he should help those people who were less fortunate in life. In the beginning, he thought that he would go there just several times. However, after a while, he realized that he wanted to do this on an ongoing basis.

Siloam task is to provide maximum care and attention to all people in need, and this fully coincides with the life views of the doctor.

Having written a book, Craton had no goal to get rich because all the money from the sale will go to the Winnipeg’s Siloam Mission’s account. 

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