Manitoba students spent a night in the shelter for homeless people

Manitoba students spent a night in the shelter for homeless people, Iryna Chyrkova

Just a Warm Sleep is operating in Winnipeg for the third year. It helps a lot of homeless people to find a place for spending nights, especially in the cold season.

The executive director at 1JustCity, Tessa Blaikie, stated that it is very important for young people to understand the problems of other city inhabitants. Homelessness concerns all people in the city, not just those who live on the streets.

Manitoba students decided to experience how the most vulnerable part of the population lives and spent a night in this shelter. First, they had a tour of Oak Table, and then they spent a night in Just a Warm Sleep.

Young people also had an experience of plarning- or weaving recycled plastic bags into water-resistant sleeping mats and blankets.

Many of these students are going to volunteer in the future and to help people in need. 

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Just a Warm Sleep homeless people shelter
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