Manitoba charities experience financial difficulties

Manitoba charities experience financial difficulties

Every year, the people of Manitoba think about the charity on the day that follows Cyber Monday - Giving Tuesday.

However, this year people donated far less money than in previous years. Daniel Emond, a board member at Lighthouse Mission said that the organization had to abandon some workers. Lighthouse Mission provides food for homeless and vulnerable city inhabitants for many years. This year it was unable to meet the budget which led to a reduction in staffing. Now, on the main street one employee works instead of four.

Lighthouse Mission is not the only organization that faced the same problem. According to statistics, the number of people who make donations has decreased by 5%. Despite the fact that the amount of donations that one person makes has increased, this did not affect the income of charitable organizations.

Daniel Emond added that Manitoba is one of the most generous provinces in Canada but people have some problems now and that’s why the total number of donators is declining. From an economic point of view, 2018 was a rather difficult year for all residents of the province. Accordingly, fewer people have the opportunity to allocate money and to make a donation.

Another local charity organization, Hands of Hope, also said that it is sorely lacking money. This organization gives furniture and other household goods to all people in need. It said that it needs at least 850 people to donate $25 every month to continue its successful operation and to be able to help people.

The director of Hands of Hope informed that more than 130 people are waiting for beds, and Hands of Hope has nothing to offer them. He added that during the holiday season, the number of donations is significantly reduced, but people continue to wait and to hope. He also offered every Winnipegger to try to sleep on the floor at least once and then say what they feel in the morning to understand those who sleep on the floor on a regular basis more.

Large charity organizations get most of the investment from the state budget, but small organizations have great difficulties now.

Rick Frost, the Winnipeg Foundation's CEO also explained that the cost of living becomes higher, and people no longer have the opportunity to donate large amounts of money, or even to give at least something to charity. Many residents of Manitoba are concerned about the situations in their families and are worried if they can provide food for their loved ones.

However, the general manager at Agape Table noted that his organization does not see problems in charity and is operating as well as before. 

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