On Tuesday the city residents were pleasantly surprised by the weather

On Tuesday the city residents were pleasantly surprised by the weather

On Tuesday morning, Winnipeggers did not believe their eyes: bright sunshine lit up the streets of the city.

Inhabitants of the city are already very accustomed to seeing gloomy and grey days with rainy weather, so this bright sun was very unexpected for everyone.

November is usually sunny in Winnipeg, but this year is a big exception to the rule. The sun came out this month only three times: November 5, 17 and 27.

Winnipeggers got used to a lot of sunshine, and this year many of them experienced health problems because of gloomy days. Many people complained of lack of energy, increased fatigue, decreased performance, and just a bad mood.

In order to increase the amount of sunlight, the city authorities even use seasonal affective disorder lamps. Winnipeg Public Library branches, including the Millennium, St. James-Assiniboia, St. Boniface and Harvey Smith have already booked several lamps.

In addition to the lack of sunlight, Winnipeg saw the minimum amount of snow in November. As a rule, the level of precipitation reaches 20 cm in November, but this year the level of snow did not rise above 7 cm.

However, snow is expected in late November and early December. So, probably it is the time when real winter is going to come to the city.

Recall that in early November in the city of Selkirk the level of snow was 35 cm. What is the cause of such a difference in climate between two close cities? Forecasters say this is all because of Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba. 

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