MPI issued certain essential tips how to behave on a slippery road

MPI issued certain essential tips how to behave on a slippery road

Due to the deteriorating weather and the expected large amount of snow, MPI advises drivers to adhere to certain rules of driving.

Starting from Thursday in most of the province about 5 cm of snow is going to fall, and in the south-west - up to 10 cm. Due to this, province drivers may see roads covered with ice, snow and other dangerous situations during their trip somewhere, especially outside the city.

To ensure the safety of yourself, passengers in your car and other drivers, MPI strongly recommends adhering to the following tips:

Check the situation on the road before you are going to go somewhere. This can be done by calling 511. Video from cameras on the roads is also available on the MPI website.

You need to be especially careful when driving over the bridges.

Do not hurry. It would be better to be a little late somewhere than to get into a traffic accident because of slippery roads.

Regularly clean the windows of the car of snow and ice. Check that you have all the necessary equipment in the car to do it.

Do not forget to change tires. Even if you have winter tires, it is worth remembering that the braking distance is longer on a slippery and wet road than on a dry one.

Leave enough space before the car that drives ahead. The worse the weather conditions are, the bigger this distance should be.

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