Instrument lending program is coming to Winnipeg

Instrument lending program is coming to Winnipeg

Instrument lending program is going to start its work in Winnipeg’s Millennium Library.

Winnipeggers will be able to borrow not only books but also a musical instrument in Winnipeg’s Millennium Library after implementing of the program.

This program will allocate $140,000 to the city for the naming rights, as it was reported by city authorities.

Executive Policy Committee members gave the motion to the city mayor to take the final decision. City ​​inhabitants hope for approval because it will be able to move the library and the city itself to a new level of development.

The library will be able to offer people different activities in addition to reading books. Musical instruments will also be given to visitors free of charge for a fixed time period. In total, it is planned to provide about 150 musical instruments in the library’s disposal. Also, city inhabitants will have access to online textbooks and instructions on how to use this or that musical instrument.

Similar programs are already successfully operating in other large Canadian cities. Winnipeg is eagerly awaiting the decision of the city council, and if it is positive, instrument lending program will begin its work in the summer of 2019.

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