Mary Werba calls out to society to give more support to people with addictions

Mary Werba calls out to society to give more support to people with addictions

This Substance Use and Addictions Awareness Week the woman who lost her daughter due to overdose wants to speak to other parents whose children suffer from terrible addictions: they are not alone.

Mary Werba's daughter died a year ago after a fentanyl overdose. A year before the death, her daughter tried to raise some issues in the media but it was to no avail. Now, Mary wants to tell the story of her daughter and to turn to other parents whose children are going through such an ordeal.

Due to social stigma her daughter had to use an alias when she tried to make other people hear her words. Her mother believes that because of the attitude of society young people with addiction cannot overcome their illness. The girl made a speech in 2016 and she asked the government to help such problems. However, in 2017 she passed away.

Several months after that tragedy Mary Werba created a support group called Healing Hearts for young people using drugs and their parents. The group gets together every third Thursday in Winnipeg. According to the woman, sharing their stories, people support each other and help to cope with a difficult period in the family.

Mary’s daughter spoke several times about the importance of getting support not only from the family but also from the city authorities. They should help them overcome their addiction and continue their lives. The girl said that she did not want to become a statistic.

Mary Werba hopes to see a change in social attitudes towards people in need for the better. This is the first step in their struggle. People need help, not stigma and shame.

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