Number of Block Parent homes decreased significantly

Number of Block Parent homes decreased significantly

Program Block Parent has been in the city for over 30 years. Throughout its existence, she saved several children who were in danger.

However, in recent years, the number of people taking part in the program has decreased significantly. 30 years ago, when Block Parent just showed up in Winnipeg, 16,000 homes immediately took part in it. Now there are only about 600 houses.

Ex-president of Block Parent Winnipeg noted that the program is very useful for the city and it needs more volunteers. The program hopes to attract 10-15 homes near each school in the city.

Winnipeg resident Cheryl told that she is in the program for more than 15 years, but no child came to her house. She is going to come out of the program because there is no need in her house. The woman also added that in the modern world, children will more likely to call and to ask for help rather than to come to the house of a stranger.

This week, police reported that the girl was followed by a suspicious man for a long time. She managed to get to her relatives' house and did not suffer.

The representative of Block Parent said that such cases are the reason why people should continue to participate in it. No one knows when an accident can happen and children need to be sure that they have a safe place where to go if necessary.

Anyone who is ready to join Block Parent can find all the necessary information on the official website.

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