Uber for snow removal: a new app tested in Winnipeg

Uber for snow removal: a new app tested in Winnipeg

Winnipeg residents saw a lot of snow last week. The creators of OnTheStep app understood that the time has come.

The weather in Winnipeg inspired the creators of the new app to conduct the first tests. OnTheStep is like Uber for snow removal.

The residents of the city can install the app for free, then they set their location and the territory that needs to be cleared of snow. After that, they get the price for the order, and if everything suits them and they confirm, then the app is looking for volunteers who do the work. Depending on the complexity of the work, one person, or a whole team may come.

OnTheStep app started a month ago, but the weather was mostly clear. However, last week Mwanza had the opportunity to try his app in work. When the first request occurred, he, along with other creators of the app (Tyrel Praymayer, Alex Shao and Tristen Wong), took the shovels and went to the place of the order.

After a while, new requests began to arrive.

All the team members said that it was a terrific experience and they are very pleased that the residents of the city liked their app and appreciated it.

Now, the team is looking volunteers who will clean the streets of snow in the future. 

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